mandag den 6. januar 2014

The purpose of life in 2014

Welcome to 2014!

 Before the new year set in I took my parents to see Mitty. It is a small tale with great feeling and I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes travelling.

My Mum and I baked. It's been a while haha!

 For New Years I went to Sty and Anne's party. Sty is a cook and the food was super great! Time flew by and when they turned on the telly to watch the warm-up programs I was shocked. I jumped into the new year and our kransekage caught fire. SO that was eventful.

I always seem to forget how pretty fireworks are since we have a law that stops people from lighting it up all year long.

Cuties <3 br="">

I started the year by hanging up my new Mucha calender and printing out some DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN sheets. I've put myself down for daily drawing, reading and relaxing.

I also started a "happy memories 2014"-jar. It's really a fun and different way to celebrate the small or big pleasures of daily life.

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