onsdag den 11. december 2013

Foods and photography

Ever since I started uni my life has been pretty hectic and stressful, even though I feel like I'm not really doing a lot. It just takes up so much time to read the academic texts and I don't have time for much else than that and work. Zombie existence urg.
But I did get to do some fun stuff despite my packed schedule. We ate out on my dad's b-day and it was one of the most delicious meals I've had in a very long while.

 The temperature has dropped little by little with the leaves on the trees. And we even had snow! It's nice to have some great toffees to eat then.

Brrr, cold weather calls for marshmellows and hot cocoa.
I ended up getting free tickets for Thor, which was great since I hadn't found the time to see it prior to that! So I called Rasmus up and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, did you want to see Thor?
Rasmus: Hmm, not really?
Me: Did you want to see Thor for free?
Rasmus: I have never wanted something so much ever.

It was much better than the first, so I was pretty content with it !

Before Jossa went to the UK for The Day of the Doctor we went out to eat at Sporvejen. It's quite possibly my favourite spot in Copenhagen in winter. It's a small restaurant where the entire interior is an old tram !! So cool and cozy when it's freezing outside.

I asked Rose if she wanted to go to the National Museum for the japanese photo exhibition that just opened. They had free putikura machines - it was so weird getting them taken in Denmark, haha. And that text inside the photo booth was absolutely ridiculous.

Some japanese purikura tried to recreate the old photographs and the results were so funny!
On a slightly more disturbing note, one of the photographed men on the shown purikura looked 100 % like my dad. I literally think it's him every time I look at it...

My Tutor group at uni's christmas party was held on the Day of the Doctor, so I couldn't resist dressing a bit up in timey-wimey style and my Doctor Who shirt haha.

The parcel game went well! I got 3 gifts woop woop. And I had wrapped those gigantic sunglasses and he was the perfect recipient. 

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