søndag den 3. november 2013

Cruising to new events

Thursday I Disneybounded as Marie just to be a bit dressy for Halloween. It was super fun and the others at uni thought it was cute.

Two weeks ago we had time off for half term and the annual Culture Night began the festivities as always. Rundetårn had been clad in changing lights just for that one night (!) and I got a lot a vintage movie guides for free at the Danish Film Institute - I'm thinking of framing some of them (not the ones pictured above, haha)

Breaking the lawww and pressing our heads through the bars above the rooftops. And getting into postman costumes, seeing a haunted house, carving pumpkins, listening to classical music and seeing elf dance + a choir performance was events we experienced that night. I hung out with Maria and her multinational exchange student friends from Copenhagen Business School - it was great fun!

 I then proceeded to have a super high fever and generally just feel bad for the rest of half term, booohooo. But I did have a grand experience seeing the first premier of the sequel musical Skammerens Datter, which dear Anne who interns at the theatre got us. It was sublime to have that added to the otherwise empty half term.
Sunday I hung around my room in my Wildcat gear and...

Dan and Phil played What Time Is It? on their BBC radio1 show. Brilliant way to end the vacation!
People were tossers and sat in line in front of my Disney Store for the new iPhone from really really early. They queued for a unbelievably long period...

Today I became a really happy camper when I finally bought myself a Vespa - I've been dreaming of one for the longest time and it just feels unbelievably fantastic to have it in my possession! I was supposed to wait until spring to buy it, but the price was so low that I just couldn't control myself! Who am I to resist a bargain...

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  1. du bare så sød Liv! Og den vespa klæder dig super godt, af en eller anden grund kommer det bare slet ikke bag på mig xD Håber at dit helbred snart opfører sig ordentligt igen

  2. Hej Liv Håber alt er godt, kan se du stadig er travl i DK ! Vil super gerne Disney nørde med dig til jul !! og den Vespa er sååå laber mand ! SÅDAN STIL STIL STIL! så skal du bare have airbrushed en fed hjelm ;D

  3. Awwh, your Marie outfit is super cute!

    Despite being sick a lot it still sounds like you've had a lovely time ♥♥

    And congratz with the scooter :D