fredag den 13. december 2013

Cinematic Christmas

I wanted to make a new video, since I had a little time on my hands. Also, having to film made me finally clean out the impossible mess that was my room.

I got my christmas things up a little late this year, but they fill me with happiness all the same. Most of my decorations are gifts from my family, some of which is no longer with us. That of course makes them even more important to me.

Even my Nimbus has been invaded by elfs!
And today I grabbed these pretty cheap blu-rays up at my local Blockbuster. I had been wanting to see Brave for a while and I was pretty much just waiting for The Great Gatsby to get a lower price tag, haha.

I saw Catching Fire with Rikke. None of us have read the book and we were so uneasy the whole time about Finnick (Psycho? Cool? Killer?!), but I really enjoyed it. As always, I loved Stanley Tucci, even though I like the blue hair better haha.

Christmas at Tivoli! I haven't been inside this year and I think I'll just skip it. But it was nice to enjoy the lights from the outside.
I went to my friend Julian's Glee Club concert a week ago. It was very fun and made me cheerful when I needed it in the midst of this horrid exam period. Urg. I just finished my second exam paper and the 3rd is being given to us this Friday. Merrrrrrry Christmas!

After classes yesterday I convinced one of my uni-girls to accompany me to the theatre. We're getting the exam questions for our final exam today and I know I would have gone crazy if I had to wait until after the due date to see it.
It was a very long film and still I didn't feel like we got to know the characters. The new addition to the film, Tauriel "the female elf", was a very vague character. I did really like all of the elves' though. Lee Palace as the Elven King is very convincing and Legolas' and Tauriel's fighting skills are very exciting! Smaug got me pumped up, but the fragmented timing of the narrative made me frustrated - each time I neared the edge of my seat, they would switch location and the OHMYSMAUG-feeling would disappear.
+ 3DHFR sucks. My eyes actually hurt and the film looked way too glossy urg.

Disney invited us to a closed screening of Frozen three weeks prior to the Danish premiere. I even got to bring Aybike with me. I disneybounded as Anna and finally put my suddenly super long baby-hair-fringe to good use. Afterwards we ate brunch for 4 hours together.
And to close this entry off is my shorter hair. I got off about 15 cms but it wasn't a lot of hair because of how thin it was. I was kind of freaked about how short my hair was for 4 days...

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