torsdag den 10. oktober 2013

In sickness and Ice

I was sick for a week, healthy for a week and now I am on week 3 of my doomsday dry cough caused by my asthma! Happy!!! (not)
Planes premiered in Denmark and we started our new super fun event in-store. We get to fold paper planes with the children and it's a fantastic event, arrr I really love it!

I went on the big introduction trip with my new course at university. Naturally I brought loads of snacks, since I eat more than three times a day. The theme was horror so we started with a zombie apocalypse run about the grounds and the older students were just amazing, haha! They also planned a pretty scary night-time treasure hunt for us.
And of course party every night.

 The days were spent quizzing, relaxing and we all saw Aladdin together as well! The weather has been getting colder and colder this past month but just this weekend the sun actually peeked out and made the trip all the more fantastic.

The trip is organized and excecuted entirely by our older classmates and they did an unbelievable job. Performances, theme bars, concerts... I thought they'd never stop doing something new and dazzling for us haha! 
The last night we had a galla and we dressed up nicely.

We're 2/3 made out of girls, so the line of blokes didn't quite make for a male date for everyone. But we're already really close across all the study groups and it was super fun.
... Dessert was bloody delicious.

 I drew a bloke from my study group and I'm kissing our older mentor, haha. Later we ended up singing old Beatles songs and playing piano - very uncharacteristic of a film- and media class, we were told by our older peers.
It's tradition to "ice" each other (smirnoff ice). It's a very nice thing to do - it's like telling someone that "you're a nice person" while humiliating them publicly. It quickly escalates to apples, lollies and other things over the months though... Looking forward, hah!

My local station has undergone maintenance work and it went through a very omnious time where only the travel card lights lit up the darkness...

Non-picture events:
- I finally met Tina's British boyfriend
- I held Stine's little baby girl in my arms

I'm constantly trying to find refugees in between reading massive amounts of texts for classes. Today I watched Pitch Perfect while soaking. I'm telling you it worked wonders.

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  1. elsker bare at læse din blog Liv <3 Træls at du er så meget syg, men godt at du er godt igang med det nye studie :'D

  2. Øv øv øv, håber snart at din hoste går over! Der er ikke noget værre en tør hoste så længe! :C Har det ofte selv!

    Lækre billeder! :D