tirsdag den 27. marts 2012

ACTing Anominously

Last month on the 25th (yes, I am incredibly up to date, you just keep silent) I attended the anti-ACTA demonstration. My blog will be illegal due to my usage of movie poster pictures that I am not the copyright holder of if the law is passed. So no, I am not immensely pleased by ACTA.

Before leaving home I quickly cut out some black cardboard to make the censorship-glasses haha. A lot of my friends participated which made it all the more delightful.
The demo started near Nørreport Station and we heard a few speeches before starting marching.

Some guys formed a band and they kept playing jazz music. It was so classy and really wound up a nice mood.

There were so many people attending! There had been a facebook page where about 7.000 had marked their attendance, but in the end I think we were about 11.000.

My beautiful friends.

Marching, marching, marching...
It was really fun to stop traffic like that! But I cannot understand why the busses kept driving along our walking route since the event-planners had produced a very thorough time table. They should have taken a different route for some hours!

Final destination at the Town Hall Square! Gosh, there were a lot of faces...
A lot of different speakers came to talk - politicians, comedians and ordinary people.

Confetti in the sky and bicycle reflections...
And then it was time to return home!

We walked towards the nearest station while the sun set. It was probably one of the prettiest sunsets of this year until now, so I am very glad I had my camera tugging at my neck.

Goodie night everybody!


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