mandag den 6. august 2018

Vintage Event

 Severe heat forced us to the beach once more. And the summer light was getting more and more gorgeous.

It was still cold enough for baths tho.

I felt like getting super fancy for no reason that day.

I took Kathrine to the zoo for the bring-a-friend-for-free day and she had a princess moment with a butterfly!

We saw a sloth moving ! And the polar bears being fed. And we loved this cow's curl.

I got back home in time for the family to drive up to my cousin's 18th bday.

My uncle had provided delicious sweet treats once again and I had a nice time playing with my nieces, sketching my family and experiencing this great sunset with my mum in her home town.

It was getting hotter but that didn't stop me from getting in the tub. It did force us to relax in the sun!

And I went to the Vintage Garden party that Tivoli put on! It's the 2nd time they held it. I remember seeing it last year and laughing about how blatantly like Dapper Day it is. But it was a nice, hot day filled with food and games! I won for "Best Accesory" which was my sketchbook. We stayed for the swing dancing at night but it started pouring all of a sudden!

I loved seeing the 175th anniversary parade - they really are trying. So much energy from the performers! But the audience look pretty unimpressed haha. It's sponsered by Disney as a gift?

Before the swing at night, I went to Drop Inn to meet up with Marie who was in town! We watched the first Denmark World Cup match together.

That Sunday Mum and I drove over the bridge to Sweden. I bought some goodies from LUSH and even found this really neat vintage store.

We had an afternoon cake and ate dinner at Lille Torv. 

Why was I in Malmö? To see the only Youtubers I really care about haha. It's a little surreal how long I've been watching Dan and Phil. I wanted to see them live when I got the chance! It was a fun show that didn't rely as heavily on their content tropes as their first show, so I liked it much better - it felt more original.

After the show the light was gorgeous. That sunset with the lighthouse? Simply picturesque.

 And then my birthday arrived! I'm 25 now, which seems like a strange number that I have trouble connecting to myself.
In usual fashion we had a full table for the birthday breakfast - the semi-family and my aunt was there. It was made special by the knowledge of it being the last birthday in the house.

I spent some hours with Maria brunching and chatting by the lakes and then went to see live music and eat with the parents at both Islands Brygge and the new food market, Reffen. So I had a full day!

I wore my new Malmö 70s jumpsuit out for the first time! It's so funky and colourful.

Maria and I went to watch Ocean's 8. I love me a heist movie, so it was a great watch - and it made it a little mind boggling to realize just how many movies are all-male casts. You get so used to it that every time you realize, it remains a surprise.
Afterwards we went for a long walk, enjoyng the special light.

And I ended the day with some green water!

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