fredag den 27. juli 2018

Homecoming Amusements

I returned home from Japan JUST in time for my sakura. It meant a lot to me that I saw it bloom this year, since my parents had sold the house while I was away. Knowing that this would be my final bloom was very important to me.

The good weather in Japan had rubbed off on Denmark too and I kicked off the summer with ice creams and Stine. We wore out matching star lollipop earrings haha.

It's a little odd to spend more time back at my old university now that the ice shop has moved there. It feels like deja vu most of the time.
Mum and I took a walk in green surroundings.

I had missed the Avengers premiere in Japan because I refused to watch the movie with strangers. I did however buy some Marvel merch. This Spidey shirt may be my favourite thing I got in Japan.

I watched it in Big Bio with Maria and she was wild about the bed-seats! We were not as ecstatic about the movie tho.

Full bloom! And attending my grandma's 60th complete with adorable animal.

I got my wisdom teeth removed in both sides, something I was kinda scared to do. I managed by eating liquid foods for a few weeks. And in the last days of soreness I couldnt take it anymore and I went out on Sally for hours on end. I even got adventurous enough to find this yellow field!

They had removed the big metro construction walls in the town centre and it was so weird to be able to look across the square again for the first time in a decade.
Nordisk Film had a free movie screening day and I went and saw Ladybird with Mum and A Quiet Place with Maria. We sat and saw the sun set afterwards, refusing to acknowledge the coldness of the wind.

Enjoying my summery dresses.

And kinda succeeding at Mermay!

I was so happy to eat Danish caliber baked goods again. And I dried getting out in the good weather to sketch.

I decided that I wanted to go to Møn for the first time in my life. I ended up going alone and I was basically down there by myself too - I ran into like 5 people in total, but only during the first hour of my hike.
It was beautiful! Wild that scenery like that is actually in Denmark. Driving over the bridge to the island the ground was basically sea level and then it just climbs out of nowhere!

The curves of the rocks were gorgeous.

And it really reminded me of Themiscyra or Greece!

The sun was setting and I was enjoying the colours. But at the same time I was getting a little scared that there would be no stair up the hill in the direction I had been going for more than 2 hours - and the tide had risen since then, making a round-trip pretty impossible. I found a way up tho but that just resulted in me getting lost on small forest tracks for some time. And I was really loosing the light - and by that point I had not seen another human for 3 hours. That sign up there even says that it isn't allowed to be in that part of the forest after twilight, which I sadly was. I kept my panic under control and made it back tho.
I really wish they had more maps or signs out there! It's one of Denmark's top attractions and it just confused me that it wasn't more tourist-friendly.

I really liked this look.

I wore it to Kathrine's bday at Bakken! I hadn't been there trying rides for years, but it was a lot of fun!

I went to the sketch meet later that day.

And felt cute in the zoo !

That day was really great, I felt like I drew the hippos pretty well.

I got to help out on set prep for a Zentropa web series. It was hard work, but cool to experience a different part of the production.

And one of the nights Rasmus and I had planned to go see Røde Orm, the bi-annual outdoor theatre that KGL puts on! The transaction had somehow not gotten through, but we ended up buying new tickets out there and since there were so many empty seats we just moved super close. So it all worked out!

The play was much more talkey than I had thought it would be - the other outdoor plays were more action packed. It was still a great experience! And the giant orange moon rose and the play crept on.

Thursday I joined up with Maria and Michelle for this year's Distortion.

 And Saturday I went to Pauli's big vintage sale and got me some goodies. It was getting real hot so Maria and I met for an ice cream and then I went to sweat and sketch in the zoo.

Baby boi in golden light.

New additions to the workspace.
And we finally went to the beach! Maria went with mum and I and we played some Uno and went all the way in.


That week Ada from Poland came to Denmark! She was going to Viborg for a feedback thing and we ended up spending some time together in parks, at Bastard, and at the Pride month Drag Queen bingo.

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