mandag den 21. august 2017

Live Art

I've taken a long break from posting, but I can't remember much without creating these posts. So I'll pick it up where I left - in the first week of May. I was sipping coco with Valentine and doing homework.

And enjoying freshly cut poodles.

I scored tickets to James Cordon and got Arianna to come with!

We had a good time, although the taping did run a little too long because they were filming some segments for two episodes.

Friday the time had come for the much-awaited Daft Punk party that Zia, Daniela and myself had been looking forward to.

They didn't just play Daft Punk, but we still had a majorly brilliant time and all left having had a good cry at some point while dancing.


Sore feet meant poodle cuddling. And then finding someone last minute to go with me to...

... The Radio Disney music award show (which I never knew exiseted haha). I ended up getting Melvin to join even though it is totally not his scene. Nice to spend some time with him.

I thought the show was very impressive. We all got glow bracelets and I got to see Auli'i perform !

At night me and Cami (mostly Cami) had rounded up some folks to go to the Anna Cattish exhibit at Nucleus. We got there to see a line exhibit as well - both were really nice, small presentations. It was great to see how Anna used plain pencil in her gouche works and how Babs had a very mixed-technique approach.

Sunday meant CTN Roadshow. I had plans with Heather but I wanted to check out the show before, so I walked around in Burbank a little, chatting with some lovely artists.

Heather came to pick me up and then we went to Smourgsburg or something like that - a food market. It was in this weird desolate part of DTLA...

We got great asian foods though!

Dave joined us and we went to karaoke after stopping by Daiso and the asian food market. We ended up singing musical songs and emo stuff - The Black Parade made us check out too late and we had to pay for another hour haha. #worthit

And afterwards we even went for Purikura. That was the most japanese day I had had since... Japan. I felt this crazy rush of nostalgia and longing. But it was so fun.

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