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Last Week

It was our last Peter Paul class and Jake was ready for school? Always the late bloomer.
I had arranged to go to Disneyland with Hannah the day after as a somewhat celebration of finishing the course. I picked up a car at Enterprise and drove on down to UCLA to pick her up.

We got to the park pretty late, and it had been a lot of hours since I'd eaten so we went directly to the B&B tavern, which she hadn't seen.

We then went to stand in line to meet Tink and ran into Hannah's mom! She took our place as we ran to catch up with Peter (H's fave).

We then met Tink and we even got to see their character shift - so the one we met came out of the tea pot door!

Walking around to find Aurora we saw Snow at her wishing well with the new dwarf statues. And then the Evil Queen passed and we just had to run after her too. She was on her way to her break, but I asked as "her humble servant" and grovelled at her feet which she thought was funny enough to make a stop on the way.

 This first part of the day was very filled with characters. We kept running into new ones!

I was happy to get Donald - I somehow always forget about him even though he's my favourite classic.

We then went to see the Frozen show, getting out of the line with bathroom passed to pick up Toy Story fast passes. I really liked the actor playing Weasel (his mannerisms were hilarious) and the cast was quite diverse !

We then picked up the new Dole whip cotton candy which was a little disappointing... And we were so sticky afterwards. That last shot may look glam enough, but I am actually touching my face because I am so sticky.

We then caught some golden hour glory and I got to see the Dapper Dans for the first actual, real time. A minute into their performance Michelle found us after her work! They took these photos with us and then sped away saying no to all the others hahaha.


We then went back to California Vacation with our fastpasses. I am embarrased to say that I previously thought the whole area (including Midway Mania) were restaurants and when I found out that it was actual Toy Story goodness I knew that was the only one that I had to try this visit.

 I kinda wanted it, but I would never use it.... so.

We then went for a milkshake to fuel us for the rest of the evening. And also just to see Cars land start to glow. It's the best.

 The Flo cups had been sold out on previous visits, but I got to take one home this time. And then it was time for Hannah and my first experience of the Electrical Parade!

The floats were clearly old. Not so much in terms of display value, but more so in the choice of characters. The Pinnochio float was super scary too...

Then we tried Autopia and went to see if we could get into Small World. The line was full of families right after the parade, but we noticed to our astonishment that ToonTown was still open? We went down there and the Roger Rabbit line was nonexisting. It's really a great dark ride. Toon Town was weird and dark at night though. We got into a Small World boat just as the clock struck 10 and the ride closed. So we had a boat all to ourselves and were the last ones through!

We then caught the Electrical Parade again, this time from Main Street.

After all of this we were quite hungry. I took Hannah to Trader Sam's where she actual had never been before - mainly due to the fact that her family live so close that they never actually have a meal at or around the parks. The clock neared 1 AM and we found our way to an empty parking lot and I took Hannah home.

The next day I found my way to Forest Lawn, joined by Hayden. We sketched inside and outside. It really is an oasis in the midst of everything.

We both had stuff to do on the west side of town so he gave me a ride to Paramount, where I was meeting Arianna.

She gave me a tour of the premises, showed me her office and snagged me the best churros of my life from an intern event. And then we went to Melrose to take grad photos of her! She looked cute, but I couldn't help but be surprised by the amount of people taking photos everywhere. Especially the pink wall makes no sense to me.

We then went for noodles and she drove me up to Pasadena to swing. After a hard day she wasn't feeling it, so I went solo. When I got in, I realized that it was May 4th and the event was Star Wars themed! I wish I'd known, but everyone looked so cute and dressed up for the occasion. It was really fun.

 And I got talking with Josh, who had chopped all his hair off!

Friday I went vintage shopping before going to the Project Neverland opening on N Hollywood. I found a cute dress that I immediately changed into. And then I went to see some artworks by great artists and mingle! Even though I mostly talked to people from the Story class - without having talked about it basically everyone had come!

 Nic had made a glorious clock. The show was a mix of very different mediums and styles!

 The amount of details was so good - really rich with storytelling. And everything was based on the book, which made me so happy.

Saturday morning me and Daniela went to the 14th Factory. I was supposed to have gone with Arianna, but we didn't have enough time. So I was happy that Daniela jumped at the opportunity to go before heading to my Bye-bye party. It was a great collection, but it was clear that a lot of people had only come to take photos for social media... hahah.

 The exhibit was made famous for its' 2001 exhibit, but we were surprised to see how immensely big the whole thing was. It just kept leading us to new spaces. The room with the buildings moving up and down made you so dizzy...

We did the 2001 room last because the line had been quite long when we arrived. We ended up going in a few times because the line was like 2 people - and you only got one minute inside! Crazy. Way too little to get immersed into the artwork.

We then drove by Shareen's and I was surprised to see that they had changed everything. Most of the space is for rentals now and they didn't have a whole lot left for normal people. I did end up buying a dress though.

We then drove up to the mini golf place where some people were coming to send me off. We had some time before though, so we went and ate. People came one by one and soon enough we were a crowd. We chose a track and started rolling.

In the beginning we just kept hitting until we got it in the hole until we realized you had a maximum of 6 tries. Whoops. But even with that restriction it took a loooong time to finish the course due to the amount of people we were. A few hadn't made it in time, but we quickly became quite happy about that because of how much time it took for just us.

We finished up, having stopped counting. So there were no winners or losers. I was horrible though, so I was most definitely in the bottom haha. We then went back to my place where Victoria gave us a cake they wouldn't finish and we ate the rest of my snacks. And played charades. Which was hilarious.

Sunday I had planned another full day. Hayden and I drove on down to the Natural Science Museum to meet up with Sean and Trevor. We took photos, sketched and made each other laugh.

I was very impressed with this museum. The skeletons were in abundance and so well displayed. And they had a very diverse presentation, even including gemstones and live animals.

After this I walked on over to USC where I joined Arianna in going to the MTV Movie Awards. This show I have actually watched growing up, so that was fun to be a part of. We ended up standing on a balcony which we agreed was probably the best possible outcome - we could lean against the railing so it wasn't a hard on the legs, and we were slightly in front of the speakers so the sound for us was probably better than for the people placed on the actual stage. I even ended up in frame with Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne.

We drove on back and I started packing up.

The last day was spent cleaning, washing and going into the pool with Shay.

We then went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at the Americana and got to play some Uno before Hayden drove me to the airport. Case closed, Los Angeles.

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