torsdag den 27. april 2017

Instructing Faire

 Another week of class.

Arianna and I went on a "hike" to Amir's Garden. The sun wasn't shining a lot so it was actually just very refreshing - even more so when we reached the garden and had to jump around to attempt to not get hit by the sprinkler systems that turned on absolutely everywhere. It was like an obstacle course! I also have never seen as many succulents - they formed bushes!

We then went by Americana to east and look at the pretty chandelier in the middle of the road.

After eating, Arianna took me to my figure drawing to meet up with Scarlet!
Friday I had persuaded Hailey and Evan to come with me down to Fullerton as Pascal Campion had a talk there. 

We found Princess and her drawing club and then listened to Pascal talk about his career. His story was a bit different and it was good to hear him talk about his struggles. He was in a giving mood too and ended up giving everyone prints and books. Afterwards we went to Trader Sam's for dinner!

Saturday I got together with Rachel from Rome and her roommate and we went to the Gallery Nucleaus show of Star vs. the Universe. It was fun to see a more cartoony exhibit.

People came dressed for the occasion or wearing cosplays. It was a good time. And the production artwork was great!

 Sunday I tried to shake some sickness off and then hung out with Melvin. We even saw a bird together.

 Valentine snuggled up to me.

And Tuesday was funny and classy.

Wednesday I went salsa dancing with Daniela and we even saw two burlesque shows at the cuban bar.

 I had panicky gotten Jay and Evan to go with me to the Pixar exhibit before it closed that very weekend. When we got there we only JUST managed to get tickets to what I think was the last time slot. Which we had to wait a little for. So the hungry guys got food and we then looked at the space displays. Which were actually super cool. You could see the burns from where the spacecraft had re-entered the atmosphere.

And I've also seen part of the moon now.

 We then went into the Pixar exhibit. It was a "Science Behind" show and we were surprised at how interactive the whole thing was! You could play with simple rigs, set the light, choose camera angles and a lot more at different stages around the floor.

It was very much for children and we all agreed that a kid could leave the exhibit saying "I want to be a surfacer!" or something like that. That being said, it was really well explained and I also realized a bunch of things I don't think about that often - for example how much actual math goes into the programming.

They even had a stop mo stage so people could get a feel for how animation actually works! It was super cool and I'm happy that we caught it before closing. And I loved seeing the sculpts and getting kisses from Bob haha

 From the Coliseum we went to Santa Monica where I was dropped off at the theatre where some DKA people were watching Your Name. It was not as intense of an experience the second time around but it was so beautiful on the big screen.
After the movie the DKA kids went back to UCLA so I walked down to the pier and went into the arcade to play some DDR.

 Friday Arianna came over and we snuggled up in the spa and then went dancing at Clifton's with a bunch of the stop mo people. We left at midnight like Cinderella because we had found free 2-hour parking and I had to get up early.

We were going to the Renaissance Faire! We didn't leave quite as bright and early as was intended, but we still got there in good time. The others were hungry so we actually went directly to the food court haha. And then we did some archery! I think I did pretty good.

We walked around and then went to the Queen's Joust. All the riders were introduced and our section was rooting for Larry (we shortened Sir Larinster or something like that). To our dismay he ended up giving up a few times and the blue rider won - he had a really good, bad attitude. So arrogant haha!

We walked back to the other end of the faire.

Caught the Queen herself passing through and a bunch of fighters showing off their swordsmanship. That long sword was super heavy!

We tried on crowns and then saw a live bird show!

 We left after that. I had to because I was going to a concert, but everyone else went home too. It was a very hot day and the blazing sun drained or burned everyone. The amount of dust and dirt we had everywhere was insane! I guess it added to the realism of the period haha. 
I was pretty surprised at how well my outfit worked out. I had everything in my closet and ended up looking pretty fair maiden-y!

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