tirsdag den 4. april 2017

Cinematic Wonder

Last week quickly became a cosplay one. Sunday I spent at Heather's sowing my suit on Candice's machine. Lily of course wanted to help by sitting on the fabric.

 I got some good dog cuddles.

 And Heather took me, Sam and Zia to see Boss Baby at Dreamworks. Valentine slept in my bed most nights.

Wednesday I went to the Center Stage Gallery for their gesture drawing. I liked the venue and they mainly did short poses which was neat.

I couldn't believe it when I realized how many spots I had to cut out for Ladybug. About 150! It was a pretty relaxing process though since it was so repetitive. I used Max and Sean's glue gun and hung out with Jonathan while shaping the worbla parts.

Friday was convention day! I got to Cami's place and we drove down to Anaheim in Warren's car. We got lucky and found parking pretty close to the convention center. The first three hours were spent walking the dealer hall, looking at the artist alley and catching a glimpse of the original Uhura!

 We then went to a panel that was a quick draw. Why? Because he had brought his mom and mothers just makes these kind of things even more fun. And we did laugh a lot! We then headed outside for some food from the food trucks and when we looked at cosplayers afterwards I ran in to Michelle and her crew!

I decided to stick around with these girls for a bit and we took some photos together. You know, cats have to stick together.

I then went to the Riverdale panel and rushed to the Teen Titans Judas Contract premiere after getting my bag from Warren's car. It was some pretty cool events! After that we hung out at the Hilton for a bit before walking over to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (such an American concept).

Michelle and I shared an order and Colin got a waffle burger (wow)... It was good meeting some new people and always great to get deep with Michelle haha.

I slept at Laura's house and stayed up late talking to her and Gwen. She helped me get ready in the "morning" and I then met up with Cami and Warren around 2 at the con.

We walked around looking at cosplayers, running into people we knew and then went to the top floor balcony and got some photos taken - we even got roped into a very long interview for a documentary.

It was great fun though as always.

The DVA and Rasputin were probably my favourite two cosplayers of the day (together with that Swan Princess group omggg).

There are always so many kids at American conventions and a lot came up to me for pictures, they were so cute. They would all tell me immediately that Adrien is Chat Noir and I couldn't resist staying in character for those interactions. 
We went by Trader Sams and got dinner at Downtown Disney before catching the fireworks from the outside. And then I went to socialize with Evelyn and Joy at the Mariott.

 I stayed at Michelle's and had some good laughs with her and Mark in the morning.

Before taking the train up to Glendale, that is. The train was PACKED because it was the last day of Spring Break. I was pretty surprised at how affected Amtrak was of it though - the train was half an hour late and then we stayed at Union Station for about 45 minutes because they were doing who knows what kind of services and loading causing an even bigger delay. The transport system really is very inefficient here.

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