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Getting to Burbank

I got back from Dublin and had to quickly prep for LA. It was stressful because I really wanted to say bye to Brian who had been abroad last time I visited the Broes. And then I just had to go and see Tina and the babe before he's wayyyy bigger. And Maria and I went swing dancing and passed by this art installation.

 It had sensors so it changed sometimes depending on where you were in the wave. It was a nice, starry night and it was a fun different element to Copenhagen. Good to experience something new in my city as I was leaving it again.

Wednesday came and I spent all morning packing. We made it to the airport with a closed luggage and I even managed to get a good seat. And then Greenland came into view...

It was over Canada that we had the best views though. And soon enough we flew over those familiar hills.

Immigration was a breeze but then I had to queue forever to get out of the luggage area... I made it out and waited a good while for a lift to be inexpensive enough.
As I drove through a now dark Los Angeles, the twinkling lights from the houses made me hum City of Stars to myself. It continued to be stuck in my head for the next few days. I got back to Apartment D just as Max had gotten back home - luck or just good timing? 

After collapsing completely, I immediately started absorbing sun rays the next day.

And then Hailey came and grabbed me for a quick bite before we went to a WIA event together.

 At Disney. The event was held at Disney. Inside the hat. We were a tiny bit excited. And Tangled Before Ever After was really good! Might have to check that show out...

 They had a whole Moana exhibit which was really cool to see - Hailey said that some of the things weren't in the art book too.

The sun setting is a pretty cool time in the house.

And Friday night was 5 Second Day, a Titmouse thing. So we went to Hollywood (with the metro!) where they had nearly finished setting up the Oscars - note the plastic protecting the carpet.

Laser Pointurrr from Jonathan Peartree on Vimeo.

Jonathan's sweet ass short was in the screening, but the whole night was a pretty tough combination with my jetlag. I was almost falling asleep during the 2-hour program. And we even went to Cliftons afterwards haha.

 The days are shifting in temperature. I am very happy I brought my thicker jacket, it keeps me warm. Sunday was very relaxed because I knew not to push my luck with a all-night program.

 I left the house and drove by insanely green hills. I'm pretty sure they used to be more sand-coloured and it is probably the gift of the recent rain falls. It looks so much more vibrant and lovely.

I got to UCLA and James Bridges and very quickly realized that Mira had in fact NOT told the other DKA members that I was in town. I'm talking dropped jaws, double takes and excited outbursts when they saw me - and I was quickly hugged by the fraternity. Not planned, but very fun and heart-warming all the same.

I had booked some 1iota tickets for an Oscar taping a while back (just in case I was in LA at the time) and Mira had accepted to come with. We slept a little at her place and then woke up around 2.

We stood in line at the Hollywood Bowl for a long time, but it passed pretty quickly since we were 4 girls chatting. And then we got to the Dolby, still dressed in its' Oscar decorations. It was cool to see and a little surreal being there. And then the 1-hour taping started and it wasn't anything crazy - the kid from Lion came in for a minute, but other than that it was just mindless chatting.

We exited the theatre early in the morning as the city was starting to wake up. Instead of waiting for the busses to take us back we went down and saw the breaking down of the set. Which was weirdly ordinary knowing how much of a spectacle the event is.

We got back to the parking lot and made our way home. The girls were completely wrecked whereas I think what was left of my jet lag actually helped me to stay sharp.

 More drawing in the sun. Some would argue too much, since I got sunburned (slightly).

And then it was time for my Story class! We are a small group with 8 students, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It's going to be interesting seeing how this goes over the next weeks.

 Sam picked me up after class and we drove to the Bourgeois Pig to get some late-night coco. It was a cool place that even had a forest room with moon lamps!

I skyped with Tina and drew some more.

Then I met up with Heather for a long talk and a bite at Tony's Darts Away which had a good vibe. Followed by The Iron Giant at her place.

Thursday I spent mainly stressing over apartment hunting. I spent so much time on it and forgot to eat. But once I got some food in my stomach I decided to go with Max to the weekly swing thing in Pasadena. It was fun! There were so many good dancers and I barely had time to catch my breath before I was asked to dance again - my plan to wear a nice dress but not know how to dance that well worked wonders.

The ferrets are a constant cuteness factor in this house.

And I played with the sun rays! A nice creative break from drawing.

It felt pretty serene, not gonna lie.

And then Jonathan drove me to two places yesterday to see them in person. And I very nearly have a place secured now. Fingers crossed!

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