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Blooming art

I left of in the middle of Saturday in my last post. Later that night we went to the art show at Titmouse and I got to some nifty art supporting the female cause and some of the UCLA cuties. We even ended up going for sushi and it was so nice spending some quality time together - the event was pretty quiet (with the exception of the drag performances) which meant lots of time to talk.

 The Pussy Strikes Back throne. And chatting with Rasmus.

The ferrets were wild but then had a day where they kept striking poses in front of me.

 The International Women's Day came and I did some art. At night I thought we were going to see Kong, but we ended up not getting in. We did however get to see Hollywood all dazzled and smoked up for a premiere with spotlights cruising the heavens which was bizarre and cool.

 Thursday I went to my new place and got unpacked. So nice not living out of a suitcase.


 And at night I went to meet up with Michelle and the guys for the Samurai Jack sneak premiere at the Ace Hotel. The whole place had been dolled up with red lights, Jack artefacts and even an ice sculpture of him! We got to see the unbelievably good first arc, which was the 3 first episodes. And then had a little Q&A afterwards which was super cool.

The crowd was pretty intense. They kept chanting JACKS BACK JACKS BACK and would erupt into screaming at the smallest indication of anything. So it's safe to say it was an audience of fans. Before the episodes were screened the screen was raised to reveal a band and we all just sat there, stunned. They then started to play bits from the soundtrack and people went nuts. It was an actual concert haha - a great cold opening.
Of course I wore my Jack shirt from SDCC - and people kept asking me where I got it haha. Afterwards we went to LA Cafe to fuel up our empty stomachs. It was a really good night.

Friday was spent getting everything in order, paying rent and getting groceries. The sunset was super gorgeous.

Princess and I had arranged to do another FIDM outing and we went on Saturday. We spent hours drawing and painting the costumes and talking about our doubts and strengths as artists and in life. It was a really good time. And of course the costumes were incredible - the Mister Fantastic ones and Huntsman were my favourites.

 On my way to the bus I saw this café and I am still very confused.

The sun was setting so the light was gorgeous - I even got to see it reflected on the Walt Disney Concert Hall. And as I got home the huge full moon was rising.

My plans didn't end there though, as I went to the Nucleus Art Gallery to see artworks of one Belle and her Beast. It was opening night so they had desserts and small food bits for the taking - and themed drinks. I waited around a bit for Heather and Co. and found one of my favourite exhibited pieces - the Hercules print with the Gods. 

It was a good show and had some very different pieces. We all kind of gave our hearts to these two though. And then we went across the street for some late-night shopping. Because of course.

I'd bought tickets to Descanso Gardens Sakura festival and Heather went with me. Only two actual cherries were in bloom, but the nice weather and good music made it all right. The taiko ensemble played for a very long time and the second time we could hear them even though we were in a different part of the park. Which was very lovely for the whole experience. We also kept imagining scenarios based on the music and Heather even sketched one of our joined fantasies down.

As I mentioned, not many cherries were blooming. But so many other flowers were and it was super gorgeous. There were families everywhere and people were all interacting with nature - something that isn't the most common of things in LA.

The Japanese garden was smaller than expected, but the different things to see in the whole park made it perfectly fine. After trekking around for a few hours we went back to sit under one of the blooming cherries and eat takoyaki and tempura.

 Did I mention it was pretty?

We went for final looks and then returned to my place to dip our feet in the cold pool and pet the dogs for a few hours.

I ended the night with a movie in the hot tub.

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