torsdag den 9. februar 2017

Sweet Christmas

I arrived back in Denmark and delved straight into Skam, which I had previously brushed aside as silly. I also received a gift from Down Under!

Days became short and the sun was low when I went to my Monday dancing.

 I enjoyed Copenhagen in its' christmassy sparkles and hung out with the weird Disneys.

December came and me and Rasmus started the new DR julekalender. We kept watching over the next days, but even as he persisted I gave up on the weird fairy tale that had replaced christmas on the Danish television.

I went searching for a new winter coat. And spent two weeks on it, christ. Never egain.

I hung out with both Marias! I didn't really enjoy Raging Bull, but Maria is lovely so... And the other Maria had me stay in Cocks and Cows until we were almost the last ones there.

This year we only have one squirrel buddy. But he is very active and fun to photograph.

Kathrine had invited me to hang out and I happily accepted. On arrival, I was told we would be making gingerbread houses! Rasmus came late, so he just assisted our building projects. In the end, we all had caramel burns!

But the end result was lovely. I really liked how a light could illuminate the hard candy windows.
Sunday I was tasked to do even more Christmas baking as we made confectionery for hours at T&Ks..

I went to Glyptoteket again.

But left after a pretty short while to meet up with Emi! We were going to see the Lucia event that took place on the canals.

Then we went swing dancing and I stayed on to sketch and play table tennis!

Squirrel and star photos. Tina and I spent some hours on that little bump watching the shooting stars and only left when we were deeply frozen.

I drew and drew and drew and binged Merlin and Firefly.

 Then I went by Gabi's shop after working a few days in a row. We talked, ate Christmas things and watched Love Actually in a big group.

We also went by Centralhjørnet (oldest gay bar in the world) to see their yearly decorations. I was tired from work though, so I went home after a little while and read Batgirl.

I took a seasonal bath.

And continued the tradition of going to Rasmus' on the 23rd. I helped Brian to do the decorating and we just had a nice time.

Christmas struck and I dressed up.

Going to the countryside for Christmas is almost cathartic at this point. At least in most cases.

We were an odd mix this year, but it was still lovely. And Jesus joined the party too...

We went by my uncle's too for relaxation and leftovers.

They are really the part of family where anything goes.

I ended the holidays at work (yay!) and got to eat risengrød super late this year. I was awarded a Scrabble win over even Louise for my patience?

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