fredag den 24. februar 2017

New Year Endings

New Years came along. This year I didn't opt for a big celebration, but I still looked fancy.

I celebrated with some girls from high school. It's really very precious to see how we're all finding our footing year by year. We had a quiet dinner with conversations that had absolutely no filter haha.

When the clock struck midnight, we sang a little and then went out on Maria's balcony. There were fireworks on the entire skyline - it was a panorama of colours. And a lot of the blasts were right in our faces because we were up high! Usually we are all pretty chicken when it comes to fireworks, but we felt unusually safe there.

We ate Michelle's mum's delicious home-made kransekage and continued to laugh for a few hours.

Maria and Rie were both pretty sick though, so we cut the festivities short and I went to Amager to continue a bit with Louise.

The train looked very festive on the way home haha. And then I could begin to use my new calender.

Normal life persisted with the sprinkles of work shifts and friend hangouts.

I walked around Copenhagen a lot, taking in the old feel of it. And even got to facetime with the birds! And their owners.

A little snowfall hit Denmark, I got a lovely Holiday card from David and some firework criminals started having a show at 1 in the middle of the night on a weekday haha.

Moana hit the shelves and I hung out with a pregnancy-weary Tina.

Red nose on the way to Disney party, frosty grass and getting sparkly in burlesque.

We spent the whole class making them, but it was fun, so it's all right.

Golden hour was magical with all the flowers budding.

I swing danced with momma dearest.

And then the day came. My final shift in Disney Store arrived and it was super weird. The final minutes on the clock were spent doing an Imagination Explosion - I wanted a magical exit. And just then Asger and Camilla walked in off the street. Asger and I were interviewed together all the way back in the beginning.

I even got a final polaroid with my oldies but goldies. It was all very bittersweet. Working in Disney has been tough over the years, but it also marked the first time I truly felt settled in a job. It has been very important for me to feel at peace at my workplace and I feel lucky to have experienced that with my lovely Disneys.

Taking the mirror photos I was trying to channel THE old one. Afterwards we were meant to get cheesecake but ended up eating at Sporvejen. Work babies are work babies no more and that feels weird haha.

I watched the globes most of the night of and spent some hours the next day sketching some favourite dresses. This one I posted of Gina and her sis was liked by both Gina and Andrea wooo!

I hung out with Rasmus at Tina's because Toby wanted to play Munchkin with us. It was actually really fun!

Then I fell into the Teen Wolf hole again (welp) and binged everything. And just as Teen Wolf ended, The 100 started back up again. I also watched some Bollywood movies.

And played with my very patient (not) parents.

The semi-aunt had baked and invited us over. Their garden was crowded with these beauties.

Marie was in the country for a few days and we met up with her at BASTARD to play some rounds of games. It was really fun - and great to see her and meet Paul.

Monday turned really fun fast with balloons at my class. And we made pancakes at night.

I woke up to a layer of snow. The spring flowers covered and the grass peaking out - ever so lovely. I drove on snow for the first real time too! Good to get it out of the way and I feel more comfortable with it now.

I had been talking to Louise and Emi about their graduations and ended up saying enough is enough - and went ahead and decided that I was going to celebrate a random Wednesday. So I took photos in the snow (with the help of my lovely focus model).

 I then went out in the snow and ate cake with Maria. We got the cheesecakes that I missed out on my last Disney day!

 It felt beyond amazing to put it to a close. And the snow is lovely.

Thursday I went on a long walk with mum to fully appreciate the white stuff.

Friday I hung out with some of Maria's CBS people and internationals. We went to Karaoke and it was very fun. YMCA and Troublemaker were highlights.

I also got the heavy wools out as the cold got bad. And Maja came over for a snow walk and brownie baking!

Daft Punk got snapchat filters over the Grammy weekend. I naturally had a minor moment.

And I shared the cake with the Bros the next day.

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