tirsdag den 29. november 2016

Working Culture

Back in Denmark again, enjoying my favourite architecture and pastries. And even showing Josh and Kristi around on their CPH layover getting back from Rome!

I got a visit from Gabriella and her boyfriend Bert and we went up in the Spiral tower together, despite strong winds and her fear of heights. We refilled at Luna's and then I walked them around the city for a bit before their Welcome to Night Vale show


And I hurried to an art installation walk in Frederiksberg Gardens. It was short, but also cold. It was still cool to see the trees illuminated. 

 And I even went down into the Cisterns for the first time! They were kind of creepy, but also fascinating. Afterwards Maria and I went to Von Fressen and got a few hours of talk in before heading back home.

Weather was still pretty mild, and I started working in Disney again - I could even sit and draw outside on the Illum terrace.

 We had our annual cast meeting and it was a little odd noticing all the new faces. I did grab some food with dear Pernille though.

I took my Mum out to enjoy the fall colours before they were gone, but we might even have been a tad too early.

There were still loads of leaves everywhere though.

I grabbed Louis for another free Glyptoteket day and even met up with Mum for Wagamama before heading to work one Tuesday.

 I came back to Denmark at the perfect time for the Great Danish Bake Off. Which is just plain lovely to watch.

Seeing the Disney people again was so nice, and it's really great to have a big, fun group to fall back into. We even went to this bar that strangely gave me Clifton's vibes.

Then Culture Night arrived. I had actually decided not to go, but Marie persuaded me super last minute. We went to see horses and officers at Christiansborg.

 And then headed for the National Museum to get some 20s amusement. Stine was working, so we got to hang around with her when it wasn't too busy.

 The live ban was great and dancing charleston was fun too. Gabi was there with A Touch of Vintage doing hair and make-up, so we socialized with her too.

And then we went to Tøjhusmuseet where I realized I had been years previously for an American battle recreation in the courtyard. I had been wondering where that had taken place but had given up on ever finding out - until we walked into the foyer (and ran into Maja). We saw some pirate sword fighting and a bunch a cool displays - including that great male shipfront.

They did a Danish-Swedish battle sequence with projections, horses, and fire powder. It was great fun! When they did not have the show on, musicians would play old-timey tunes and they had food stalls.

After watching the show once, we went into the exhibit to look at the artefacts from our military history. This one cannon somehow looked cute. And I basically fainted over the gorgeous armour.

 They even had navy outfits you could try on!

It was a great night and we were very happy that we had restricted the area we had wanted to explore to only a small corner of the city - that meant that by the end of the night we were tired, but not broken down. And I also had work in the early morning.

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