tirsdag den 29. november 2016

Friendly inking

 Something that seems to happen every October is the sparrows moving into my roof. They always fly around in my tree when there are still leaves to provide them with a feeling of cover. I adore it, but it is quite frankly very distracting.

I managed to locate my 5-year pin in the store and even got an Ambassador gift from earlier this year. And since I was working with Amanda, I got a serving of glitter as well...

 Inktober started and I did a 31witches challenge. I did not get every witch on the right day, but I did manage 31 witchy drawings. They were really fun!

 I managed to get one final raspberry from a bush. It tasted of lingering summer. Yet another walk was filled with strong fall colours - and a heron even crossed our paths.

I actually had never seen one in real life. It was very surreal. So gorgeous.

 Fungi, fall, and rain seem to go hand in hand.

 Out of nowhere I got a pretty big grant and I was super surprised and happy. Such a relief! So we celebrated, and I went out with Maja for brunch.


I went to croquis once again.

 And then it was time for Geekcore. I had decided to go to CTN-X though and was busy preparing my portfolio and website for that. I did go for the party on Saturday night though  - and the Jutland babes slept over all weekend.

 I tried going swing dancing at Absalon on a Tuesday, which turned out fun enough to repeat. 
And I managed to lure Kathrine out to a vintage weight market Friday where we both found some things - I got some really neat true vintage items, because no one was targeting 50-60s clothing. Lucky for me. Afterwards I went to dinner with Abena! She was back in Copenhagen for a weekend and it was great that the stars aligned and we got together. She even knew this super cheap place to eat on top of Illum!

Emil was a dumbass at work, but he made me laugh a lot. Which I needed, since I was coming down with a cold. Gosh, Denmark can be cold. I forgot that while in LA.

 Rasmus picked me up after work one Thursday and we went to Bastard for a few games (I reunited with Pandemic, so happy) and then we went to figure drawing together. And our model was male!

 October reached Halloween and the end of the inking. I drew so much, which felt amazing. But then I really needed a break. And I ended up binging Supergirl, Dexter and the new How To Get Away With Murder. Whoops.

One of our other garden friends even made an appearance: our lovely squirrel. The last leaves fell from some of our trees. And just in time for the first snowfall of the season. Snow on top of fall colours is quite rare, and as always the snow left me feeling dazzled.

The world turns into a quiet sort of beauty when covered in snow.

It quickly melted though, to be replaced by a few nights of wonderful clear light. It made me feel nostalgic somehow.

When the light is on our right side, I really feel empowered during winter. I wish that the sun wouldn't hide behind a grey sheet so often.

I squeezed in meeting up with Emilie to talk about our international experiences. I'm happy she had such a good time in Canada, and it was super fun that we had both fallen in love with swing dancing and karaoke haha.

I finally started booting up my webpage and edited the coding a bit here and there. And Dad turned 50 so we went for Indian to celebrate with our closest family friends - and yes, that is 50 flags on that pastry.
And then Los Angeles called again....

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