søndag den 27. december 2015

Starry Christmas Wars

The Geminids passed over the heavens and I got to see hundreds of shooting stars over the course of three days. The first night I lay on the grass outside for over an hour with Izzie and we saw both a really long and big one and a double shooting! The stars really calm me down and I always feel empowered somehow by looking at them.

The next day Hopy came to bake!

Honestly, we're pretty chuffed about how these ended up.

And then the day came. I could not think of anything but Star Wars for an entire week and having to wait two days to see it was agony. I still saw it before the US people though - we went on Thursday the 17th.
Of course I dressed up. I call this my "Rebelchild from Naboo" look.

I loved BB8, liked the look of the film and the story was all right. I did feel like it was too focused on fan-service and didn't provide that much original content. They have the two next films for that, but still...

The crew. All the Broes + moi.

We have three baby squirrels again. Their ears are so much longer than the last batch. Super cute.
And I went to a high school reunion party which was really relaxed and nice and then went to Rhino's for a goodbye beer with the Disneys.

Amalie came home and I picked her up in the airport and spent some scattered days with her. It was just so great to see her again. And we had brunch with Pernille as well!

I held an impromtu friends gathering Sarturday where we ate carrot sticks, crisps and played Ticket to Ride and charades. The hardest character to guess was Angela Merkel.

Cute goodbye send-offs.
And it happened. I handed ind my Bachelor thesis. It felt quite surreal.

Tuesday I ate with the family and then went to Tivoli with Maja. We walked around and looked at the pretty lights and then saw this years Crazy Christmas Cabaret. It was Egypt themed which transported us back to our childhood games and hieroglyf writings.

It was really nice to spend some nostalgic hours with her.

I went to a final game night at Rasmus' where I got to say bye to the entire family. It's going to be weird not going there once a week.

I stopped by Sporvejen one last time with Gabi and Louis. The resaturant is my favourite CPH winter spot and it was brilliant to visit it before travelling. And then Gabi and I went to take purikura haha.

Christmas arrived with glitz, clamour and 17 people gathered.

Naturally we saw the Disney progamme and danced around the Christmas trea - we even went outside during the tree run!

I wore my Donald jammies and then dressed up for the dinner.

And on the 25th I woke up to homemade pastries since my uncle is a baker. YUM!

Then the time came for hugs and kisses and I went home to pack. We drove by the Danish landscapes on the way home and seeing the flatness of it was weird knowing how much it would juxtapose with the Californian silhouette.

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