søndag den 27. december 2015

Christmas Rocky

I met up with Marie + brothers and Rasmus for some games at Bastard. Board game café is a concept I am 100 % behind. I played Cluedo for the first time ever (finally?!) and we tried to beat the virus in Pandemic.
And when Rikke and Maria came to Huset we went upstairs...

... To see a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! I have been fascinated by this participation theater ever since I saw Fame for the first time as a little girl. And it finally happened! It was so much fun.

A week later we had the family over for brunch and then went bowling. It was good to spend some hours laughing with my uncles before I leave for LA.
I finally had my embassy interview and Amalie prepped me that it would take like 4 hours. It did not. #blessed
Tuesdays with the Broes continued and I went to Kathrine's for some girl talk.

We even made caramels!

Then things (the BA) got serious and I had to invest more time in that. Still, I did it with Isabelle at one point (while making cookies ssssh) and then went to Rikke's for some Bridget Jones and snuggles.
And the seriousness continued and the thesis grew in lenght...

Just as the days until my departure declined..

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