onsdag den 4. juni 2014

Hell Week 1.0

Hell week 1.0 (written exam period) has concluded. Even though I spent basically all day every day inside I did still appreciate the fantastic weather from behind windows (I do realize how incredibly sad that sounds).

I did get to experience the sun's warmth first-hand when Maria invited me over to BBQ with the CBS crew.

It was great to get out a little bit and talk with some familiar faces.

It was a weird week of solitary loneliness and Sunday I just had to break free, so I went to see X-Men Days of Futute Past with Tina. I'd been so stuck in my own bubble that I was momentarily confused about the sci-fi opening - because I'd forgotten about the "Future" part of the story... wow.

It was so exciting! I liked the division between the characters - for once Wolverine didn't overshadow everyone else.
And do you guys like my puzzle style of structuring my writing?

After handing the exam in I saw a pre-viewing of TFIOS. I was sweet enough, but way to polished and Hollywood.

And yesterday we went out to eat burgersssss to celebrate.

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