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Astrid How To Train Your Dragon 2 Cosplay rundown, Tutorial

People have been asking about detailed descriptions of my Astrid cosplay, so I put this together to try and explain my process. It will be updated after Japan Expo after I've added new details.
!!!! NOW UPDATED !!!

When I went to London I bought most of my fabrics, since their selection is bigger. So unfortunately I cannot give you sites for furs etc.
I always make a drawing to get all the details mapped out and make a time line.
I started molding the spikes and skulls as the first thing, since I thought it would be the longest process - which it was, so start this stage early. I used SuperSculpey since it's easy to mold, it doesn't dry up after you've worked with it for a long time and you can put it in the oven to quick-dry when all the details are done.

To smooth it our we also applied a bit of water. Which is why my fingers are wrinkly hahaha.

We built boxes to make the casts in.

And poured the plaster in those.

I made hooks to put inside the spikes, so that they would be better secured in the skirt. It was a very hard wire, which was necessary for the hold.


The finished casts.
And my work on the pouch.

I made a paper model of the shoulder armour and numbered the parts, so I would never be confused. Then I used the worbla sandwich method with a foam core.

Molded as I went along. And then I did some math and figured out where the flat "spikes" should be placed. Which I got slightly wrong the first time as you can see by the failed placement of X.


Then came weathering and black paint before I dry-brushed over it with silver.

I used faux suede for the armwarmers. I made the inside furry so it became naturally bigger than my actual arm. I then added the stitches along both sides by hand and figured out the pattern for the leather straps - which I gotta tell you, will never look like the movie. The front looks on point, but they added some straps on the backside in animation, that would never be able to naturally be there - at least not if you only used 1 long strap of leather, as I did, since I thought that to be more realistic. The armband is also just 1 long strap of leather - since it's real leather it sits pretty securely on the skin.

The skirt's strips were made out of pleather. As you can see the wire I had cast inside the spikes were inserted.

I made the skirt fully wash-able, since it's fur and will 100 % make me sweat. So I used velcro - also on each side of the zipper, which was therefore hidden.

I cut the fur with a scalpel from the back to avoid too much excess hair being cut, as you do with scissors.

I found some jeans for 25 kr (5 USD) and sewed in some folds + applied the pleather knee caps.
The boots are boot covers, 2-layered with fabric inside to make them humongous.

Here with the added leather details and shoes inside. Since the shoes are so big I was able to but my mini-shoes completely inside, and I therefore have a pleather sole on the covers.

The chest piece was made of the 2-layered cape (fur and fake suede), the fake suede hood with fur inside. As you can see on the fur-picture it was originally a long fur, which I cut down (and I used the cut-off fur inside my boot covers!)

I then added the small casted skulls and attached velcro to my shirt, chest piece and armour.

My room is always such a mess hahah!

Everything together, with added worbla-ring and leather straps.
Plus a bonus cat inside my stage prop.


I made the dragon out of a core of wire before adding newspaper with paint tape. I hot-glued the additional bones in the wings, but the wings primary wire and legs were intersected securely because of newspaper around it. I then went over the head with a heavy cloth-paper mache. Only the head though, since most of that would be out in the open.

I added eyes and smaller details with paper mache and made everything smooth and nice. Then I covered the body in a base cloth and the the entire body in scaled fabric. I added spikes, claws, wing hooks and horns made of worbla. And then I painted the whole thing!
It was my first time making something like this and I must admit it was easier than I had imagined it would be. The head did end up too big because of my novelty to the animal-crafting, since I hadn't thought of the enlargement the many layers of thick paper mache would mean.

My wig was the last thing I did, since I love styling wigs. Saving the best for last...
The wig was originally curly, so I straightened it with hot water. It was probably around 75 cm long when straight, and if possible I would have liked an extra 5 cm - my wig's length is actually pretty perfect I think, but I would have liked more volume at the end of the braid. I will probably add some hair to compensate for that before wearing Astrid again.


I made the axe with expanding foam and a cardboard core. First time trying it!

Gosh it was a mess! I also made my sheep heads with this method.

Then came painter's tape and paper mache x2!

And paaaaint. I had to make it in three pieces since I had to transport it.

I decided to elongate the fur over the shoulders, since I had now watched the film and knew for sure that it was in fact longer. And then I dyed the furs! This is ONLY do-able because the fur isn't real. I used diluted acrylic paint and brushed it on with a horse-hair brush, blowing at the hairs with a hair dryer to make the colour set - all the while brushing, brushing.
You can really see the difference on the grey fur and the dip-dye on the hood is super pretty!

 More painting! Nice friends helping out too.

 I painted the shirt to make it more nuanced and then
embroidered it. More tiny details C:
You can also see the velcro, where the hood attached - the same things goes for the shoulder pauldrons.

I hope this was useful to anybody.

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  1. Thank you for this advice: it will be really useful for me :)

  2. Hello!! Your Astrid cosplay is SO incredible. I am so inspired to begin work on my Astrid. I have started work on Astrid from HTTYD1, and while I have experience in wig styling and sewing I have never attempted armour like this. I was hoping that perhaps you could go into a bit more detail (or point me to a tutorial) about the process you used to cast your bird skulls and spikes. I have modeled with polymer clay before, so I know I would be able to make the first skull and spike, but I am not familiar with the process of casting. Thank you so much for this incredible breakdown- it has helped me figure out a lot of things and I would appreciate any help you can offer :)

    1. It depends highly on the materials you use and therefore it would be better for you to find instructions on google etc. ;)

  3. This is wonderful! Could you share what material/brand you used for the mold and plaster? Thank you much.

  4. Can you also please tell me where does the pouch sit? I am looking at all the pics and can't see it.

    1. It's right here:

  5. The lego part is very creative, would have never thought about it! :'D How did you figure out the patterns of the armour? c:

    1. Yes, my supervising friend's father came up with it haha! I'm sorry, but I mostly went after my eye measuring ;( so can't help you much. I just knew I wanted some space in-between the panels - I think each section is 2 cm longer than the former? I can't remember, darn it!

    2. I'm having probs with the outlines/shape, but maybe it will work soon :D Thank you and keep it up! Looking forward to your next Cosplays C>

  6. Great cosplay! I was wondering how much fur you needed? like how many yards of each?

    1. I honestly can't remember. I bought fabrics in January :/ I think maybe 1,5-2m?

  7. What products did you use for the casts and plaster?

  8. I started working on astrid's costume and I was wondering how do you sew the hood?

  9. Is there any chance you could email me the pattern for the shoulder armour? I need a printable version I have been attempting to draft one for weeks and can't get it right.

  10. Hallo my name is erik.the shoulder armor what martirial is that thank you.

  11. Please can you could me the pattern for the schoulder armore! I need a printable version thank you.sorry my english i am from Austria
    My email

  12. I have been considering an Astrid dress up soon and might cheat and buy the costume and as I am no paper mache expert I will buy a toy dragon.
    My main concern is the wig, I can wear them if I get the right size but as for styling I am terrible, I would love to talk some more about wig styling and becoming Astrid so hope we can e-mail each other and see if you can help me, my e-mail is

  13. I have been considering an Astrid dress up soon and might cheat and buy the costume and as I am no paper mache expert I will buy a toy dragon.
    My main concern is the wig, I can wear them if I get the right size but as for styling I am terrible, I would love to talk some more about wig styling and becoming Astrid so hope we can e-mail each other and see if you can help me, my e-mail is

  14. I'm making my Astrid costume after yours and i was wondering if you can tell me more about on how you made this?
    I would be soo grateful if you would also tell me if you putt the rivets in the armor or if you just put them on? Please and thank you.

  15. Hi! I'm cosplaying as Astrid this April! Because of lack of funds, I've had to buy my costume and just adjust it to fit. My only problem is that I had to replace the entire shirt, I can't figure out how to make the armor sleeves detachable so I can reuse the shirt for other things. As soon as I can afford it, I'll actually sew my own (better quality) Astrid costume based on your work, thank you! my email is

  16. Hi, the articulated shoulders of your armor is quite impressive! What material did you make them out of? It looks like some sort of recycled cork, but the rounded edges looks more like polymer. Can't figure it out! Thanks, Brynn

  17. Hi is the skirt made entirely of fur or is their something under it so your bum doesn't show? Is it more of a pencil or skater type skirt? I'm planning to cosplay her

  18. Would you be able to send me your pattern for the shoulder armor? Im attempting this costume for my daughter 😊