torsdag den 15. maj 2014

Ice bloom

3 weeks ago the annual Hanami event, Sakura Festival, was held by the Japanese Embassy. I only went Saturday, because I really don't have time with all the uni stuff going on atm. The weather was unbelievably fantastastic - and this year I even remembered sun screen, so I didn't return home red like a lobster this time around.
(And Ali + Silas shot some fantastic photos oh merr gawwwd)

As always there were loads of people - even more thanks to the beaming sun - and with that, great company. Yukata and food stalls, stage shows and my favourite event: the Bon Odori dance.

Due to the warm spring, the cherry blossoms had already passed their blooming peak, but at least they were still present. And yes, that is a high-fiving dog.

I also managed to get my shit togethser and laminate my cosplay award diplomas - they get crinkled so fast and I actually don't understand why the organizers don't laminate them anymore (they used to in the past). But woo, now I have eternalized my glorifications haha.

Maria from my uni invited us to watch a theatre perfomance for free - Halløj på falderebet. It was aimed way beyond our age group (for 50+), but we decided to eat some ice cream together afterwards. We got all of that (10 scoops + soft ice for each of us) for 50 kroner, which is absolute bonkers. It was deliciousssssss.

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  1. love to read the blog, well pictured also..Keep it up...Fab