mandag den 12. maj 2014

Glitz and glam

Ok, I experienced A LOT of music this week.
First things first: Eurovision week in Copenhagen just concluded! It was great fun getting carried away on the city's hype. I worked a lot in the Store and actually managed to meet around 10 of the contestants - they were all very sweet, buying things for their children (present or at home). One evening a rainbow rose almost from the Eurovision banners - sooo fitting!

My dad did some work for them and managed to score us some free tickets to a Friday dress rehearsal! I asked Astrid to #JoinUs (see what I did there???) and she agreed with wild enthusiasm!

The Cube was absolutely gorgeous and the graphics and visual effects were absolutely breathtaking! I was so happy to be able to see it in real life!
Conchita was great on the stage, but as for effects I loved Sweden's disco glitz and crazy lights + France burst of colour (and yes, I really enjoyed their song too! Twin Twin - ohhhh yeaaaah).
But of course the real party started when Basim came on stage; AND IT GOES LIKE SKUBA DUDA DAB DAB DIDI DAJ.

After going to Wagamama with my parents I met up with uni people at the university's Spring Festival. Amongst others we saw cult rapper group Westkyst Hustlers and super groovy Linkoban.It was such a great day!

Saturday I put on my musical earrings once more and went to the free live screening of the ESC Final in Imperial cinema. I met up with some friends and it was a fun and different way to celebrate the finals being in Copenhagen.

Logo-heart applied, supporting Denmark in my new vintage 50s dress!

On Tuesday I went to the Justin Timberlake concert in Parken. Somehow I'd managed to get some pretty VIP tickets so I was standing in an area with A LOT of space right next to the second, smaller stage + I got to high-five Mr Timberlake.
His + The Tennessee Kids' show was pretty spectacular. The stage and general feel and look of the show was almost Gatsby inspired - it had that Art Deco/excessive feeling. 
I loved the I Think That She Knows part !

From 1:29!

All dressed up in black and white, and you're in that dress I like. Love is swinging in the air tonight, let me show you a few thingsss.

Honestly, the hipster in me was pleased when nebula-esque space lights appeared. Also, as a Daft Punk fan I was happy to see rave lights.

Bonus: I forgot to mention I went to see Grease with my Mum a few months back, partially since I adore Grease and partially sine my co-worker Julie was in the play and got us a sweet discount. I went with victory curls and dolled up for the rockabilly. Basim had just won the Danish preliminaries to the ESC and performed his song haha! 
Somehow my dress ripped on the way home. SO SAD. But I'll fix it sometime. 

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