onsdag den 25. juli 2012


I had my last exam Tuesday the 26th of June. It was a 24 hour long oral history exam, and I received a very nice final grade. After the last examination it is tradition in Denmark to receive a student hat, so if you are wondering - that is what's on my head.
Rikke came to congratulate me and some of my fellow seniors as well - the instant photo shows Maja, who is actually also a childhood friend of mine.

Me and one of the girls from French. And dear Papa Liv and Momma Liv.

When I came back from school Rikke and I quickly watched the finale of the Legend of Korra before my guest started coming in for my graduation party. Family and a few friends enjoying a dinner and congratulating me on my lovely hat. My parents gave me a wonderful painting by this Danish artist named Julie Nord. Her work is really freaky and amazing!

I just turned 19 as well, so I got some gifts at the party.
Two days later the school's senior graduation dinner party was held. Again, the weather was amazing so it was sort of split in a outdoor and indoor party.

There's really a lot of traditions tied to graduation in Denmark. Everyone writes inside the hat; best wishes, memories - that sort of thing. My class wrote 100 words novels inside ours, haha. Usually you just write a couple of sentences.

Writing 1000 words a minute and having loads of laughs.

I changed school after the first year of high school and I have to admit it was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel so at easy with my "new" (now former/sobsob) classmates.

Sailor style! And the incredibly tall blokes in my class... Most of the girls are 1.70 cm or so in height but we still feel like dwarfs in comparison.

I wore my H&M Versace dress. It is soooo nice.

Look at me, signing a student hat like a boss. And we tried to make a tower of hats. After the dinner party we went to McDonald's like we always do after a party at school. Ice cream or smoothie. And it was the last time we could ever do it after a high school party.


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    Det er fantastisk endelig at være færdig <3 Skal du fortsætte, eller tager du sabbathår nu??

  2. Good Liv Best Liv - congratulations, sweetheart!