mandag den 23. juli 2012

Firstly, bye-bye school

I've been so busy these last two months with all sorts of things! So I have a lot to write down in my little online diary here.
Firstly, I do believe I forgot to tell the tale of my final day in high school.
We started the day with a breakfast in class where our teachers also participated. Loads of munching and bitter-sweetness. Then the classes proceeded with ice cream, cakes and other sweets as gifts from our teachers.

In the afternoon we went to Halifax, a restaurant right next to our school, to dine with our teachers once again. We talked of past days and the student trip to Barcelona.

Halifax is a burger restaurant and the sheer size of the ones we received was sort of overwhelming. And how fast did the guys make them disappear into thin air? 5 flipping minutes. After dinner we headed over to the school, since the final café party was held that evening.

Mostly the café parties are held inside the school, but the weather was so brilliant that everyone just stayed outside. We had a lot of fun, but there were more serious matters ahead...

Announcing our oral exam subjects! In the morning we had received pieces of paper with codes on and these codes where our subjects. So we "just" had to decode them in a large ceremony in the main hall.

We all pretty much held hands, and some people yelped with happiness while others cried upon knowing their subjects. I drew French, history and Danish! Only top-level subjects, which are the most time-consuming to read up on. But oh well, I was happy enough with it.
But that didn't stop me from crying. A bunch of us started releasing tears when the sadness of never going to class again came over us. But I guess that just shows what an amazing class I ended up in.

And then we went clubbing to forget the exam stress, haha! And gosh, the club was filled with students in the same situation as all of us.

Now, the 7 written and oral exams lay in front of us..


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  1. Åh gud hvor er det hurtigt jeg har glemt alt det eksamens stress. Jeg ved ikke helt om jeg er klar til at læse om noget der bare minder om det :'D /traume patient much/

  2. Could you clear these up for me:
    Bitter-sweetness? Gosh, what did your breakfast consist of?
    What is a café party?
    Why would you have to announce you subjects, that seems a bit odd? Was it infront of everyone too? Nervewrecking...

    Don't say you'll never go to class again, go to university and broaden your horisons! :D
    And good luck with your exams!!!

  3. It was just bitter-sweet because of the fun we had and the sadness of it being the last day ;)
    At my school we had two different kind of parties. Friday ones and Thursday/other-day-ones - the café parties. The former arranged by teachers and the latter by the students.
    The announcing was the whole year, sitting together - hearing the subjects' codes announced one by one and then you had been given some codes to search for.

    I will go to class, but it'll be more of a scattered group of people than the TEAM CLASS we've had in high school and former school years ;D