søndag den 10. september 2017

Dyed Party

My box of Lime Crime sale items arrived just in time for my birthday and it didn't take long for me to dye my tips and start wearing the velvetines religiously.

On the actual day my family did the usual morning ritual but it felt special this year because I was alone in LA last year. And then I had invited people to a sort of open house celebration that turned out great because I had people in the house all day!

We played board games, ate cake and dinner, talked, enjoyed the outdoors and stayed up until the early morning (in the vacant airbnb basement since it was a weekday ahha).

The same week was the end of SKAM and I went to an event organised by a Norwegian/Danish organization. It was fun enough, with themed snacks and speakers, but it quickly turned into selfie-mania with the invited cast members and revolved only around them. Not so much my cup of tea.

I did enjoy the area and stuck around to sketch and get some light.

 I got a letter from Princess all the way from LA! She wrote such lovely things and it still makes me all warm inside to think about it. Up there is her sketch of me in a sea of Danes wearing non-colours haha.
It was Sankt Hans and I went to the nearby park to see the bonfire with the semi-family and my parents. This year they didn't have screaming fireworks inside - a shame.

 The next day we celebrated Tim's big birthday and then I went to Absalon with Maria to play a board game and watch the SKAM finale with some other fans around midnight. Made it feel real special.

 And then it was time for the family birthday. I hadn't held a celebration for the family in a few years so it was kind of a birthday/graduation/homecoming party. It was nice! And we stole the last helium balloons from Tim.

 It was a lovely day and I got everything I could have wished for from my friends and family.

 After months of having the SKAM tab open, I finally closed it after the weekend. And I went to Rasmus' place to play with the cats and see the Great Pottery Throw Down with the whole family.

I brought leftover lemon cake from my birthday to both Ramsus' and Lea's when I went to eat dinner there. And I took a long walk with Lea too which was nice.

My mum and I had talked about going to the Moomin exhibit together and finally did. It was a gorgeous collection that really inspired me - Tove's craftmanship and sense for storytelling impressed me once more.

 I got together with Filip for a board game session and catch-up and the next day the whole family went to get vaccines for our India trip!

The weather created gorgeous skies.

And I got to have a sleepover at Louise's place! We watched so much Teen Titans and hyped each other up so much so that we decided to cosplay from it - and amazingly Louise had a gap in her Genki plans, so we threw the costumes together in 3 weeks or so. We also went to get Ismejeriet ice cream since it's moved so close to where she lives. I live for the caramel one.

I met up with the FG girls and had dinner with them in a small cafe. We always laugh so much together.

I then had an animation meeting for the first time in Copenhagen!

Before finally watching the new Spiderman movie with Rasmus. We were thrilled throughout (but I think it's impossible for us not to like a Spidey movie).
And then it was India time!

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