torsdag den 20. oktober 2016

Danish Return

Back in the mother land. I spent the first few days attempting to get back into Denmark time and then went by the Broe's house. It was nice catching up with that whole family. And the cat still likes me! Jet lag was still being a menace though, so I ended up watching The Get Down one night. All night.

I went to sleep after watching the funky and fresh show when Louise got up to go to work. I cry. Since then I have gotten past the jet lag though - thankfully. I even got to see a lovely dawn.

It was sooo hot in Copenhagen, and the rain that I had been missing was not showing its' face. So we went to the beach instead - I only went in the water to my shorts' though. Louis' friends joined us and we played Uno on Svanemølen Strand with the rest of the Danish population.

I started my Burlesque dance training on Mondays. We're a small but nice group and since it's through USG it's super cheap!
And I relaxed with Stine and her kid.

Me and Louis are trying to go to croquis whenever the stars align and we are able. Good times...
And dad took me to get fancy pizza, and they were really bad hah.

Then it was time for my storyboard course with David Russell! He gave us an overnight assignment, so casual hang at Rikke's place turned very productive haha.

I walked to and fro Rikke's place and the Danish Film school and my walk took me through Christinia. I hadn't been there in years and it was such an odd sensation.

After Sunday's class I met up with Phillip and we went to Dronning Louises Bro to participate in crayon shenanigans for car free sunday!

It was cool but a little messy! But very nice to connect with him again.

Monday I met up with David and showed him around Copenhagen a little bit after eating at Sporvejen.

And then Tuesday it was time for solo-hang with the Frost and then off to an artsy hangout at Glyptoteket.

Even though it was hot, I wanted to relax in glittering waters. I did also have to turn out a cosplay for the weekend's Copenhagen Comic Con - with the help of Stine's sowing machine.

I finally did Mira Nova! And I worked in foam for the first time.

I got to the con slightly late, but apparently that was to my luck as I completely missed the very long queue. I found the backstage area with Lea's help and quickly ran into some friendly faces. I really liked Bella Center as a venue and it was fun to see Copenhagen host an event closer to the ones I've participated in abroad. That being said, there wasn't much to do there. We played Klask for a rather long time.

I had a good time both on stage for the competition and on the convention floor. I even ran into Alycia from The 100 backstage before my judging! She was cute and wanted a photo with me too, haha. I kinda interrupted my online hangout with some of the Story Design Conference people to chat her up, but I went back to it quickly enough. 
Marie went back home with me, which made wearing the costume in public less awkward. It was so nice that she was in Denmark just as I got back!

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