fredag den 2. september 2016

Hiking silently


After a week of non-stop stop motion, my body was pretty busted. So I took a long bath in Natasha's tub while watching The Office from the beginning. After a day of relaxing I was ready to get out of the house though, so I met up with my dear roomie at Santa Monica.

They had their weekly Thursday Twilight concerts so we got to hear some live music.

Friday, Carlito and I went on a little advventure to San Pedro. We parked at the Korean Friendship Bell and took a look at its' beauty while looking out over the ocean. It was the first time in a long time that I felt a cold wind - all thanks to the high altitude and proximity to the sea. It was nice to see that the park was being used by people training martial arts, basketball players, and the families with kites.
From there we walked down the hill to the Sunken City, the remains of an actual city.

We hiked down further to the actual sea and I dipped my toes in. Down here the wind felt warmer and calmer, so it was all great.

The sun was setting, so we headed on back. We stopped briefly at the Shakespeare by the Sea showing of Othello, but had to make our way back to Westwood. It was getting super chilly too, so we wouldn't have lasted long at the outdoor play anyway.

Carlos drove me from Natasha's to Ibi/Will/TheGang's. Adam fed me Chinese snacks and we had a chill evening.

Saturday I met up with Carlos and Mira to watch Kubo. I doodled while waiting for them at the theatre, but due to bad traffic we ended up missing the movie. We caught a midnight screening instead. It was so visually pleasing!

In the in-between hours, I went to a silent disco with Zia, Melvin, and Matt. It was my first time at a dance like this, and it was fun to try something different. There were three different DJ's you could switch between. Melvin (who is a DJ) thought it was more of an illusion of choice, as they were all pretty bad. We still had a good time though!

 Sunday we celebrated Nico getting a job by going out to eat lunch. We walked a bit around LACMA and the Tar Pits afterwards and drove by the Grove, where a surprisinlgy good view met us from the parking structure. 
At night, we headed for Meltdown Comics. It was really cool to see their set-up of the rotating issues of weekly comics - their publication system is so different.

The real reason we were there was for a special Sunday treat though: Dan Harmon's weekly nerdy meeting in the back room.

We had a few great laughs about mattresses, female murderers being progressive (because equality), and guts being embarrassing and shameful. It was not what I had expected it to be, yet I don't know what I had expected.

Living at the animators' meant taco truck, drinking from nerdy cups, and a bunch of drawing. 
I had my final gesture class at the Guild (which was great, I liked almost every drawing I did) and afterwards I felt so restless. I have come so far these past months and I cannot wait for more improvement.

So I just drew and drew and drew. And watched some Cowboy Bebob, The Little Prince with Mira, and Neon Genesis with Forrest. A good week for animation and me.

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