onsdag den 11. september 2013

Introductions to education and infinity

The 27th of August I took the metro to my new place of education: Copenhagen University and their bachelor education in Film and Media. Pretty quickly I bought my books, was sorted into a seminar team and a cross-team social group. The latter had an undercover senior posing as a new student - but he pretended to be a über nerd with only one passion in life: Pokémon. Which is why everyone in that group now has a Pokémon card to wear as beautiful necklaces.

The 4 introduction days were social activities only. So we had games in the King's Garden, saw Psycho in the Danish Film Institute and partied a little bit as well. The last pictures was taken at Friday the 30th's party, where every group had to put on a show inside a specific genre - we drew Morten Korch, who created very traditional films about love and farming in the 50s. The loser in that competition had to clean up after the party - so we were glad to come in 4th out of 8 groups!

The theme for the introduction days + the upcoming rustour is horror. Groovy groovy.

Twice a week the university run film showings for the upcoming semester's Film History course. I've already missed on of them, but thankfully you can watch the things you miss out on at campus too. Loads of silent films in black and white, I tell you!
... But of course I had to get sick.

This enabled me to finally buy Disney Infinity and play my sickness away. So not all bad, haha.

I feel so badass when I play as Violet. She's superb!

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  1. det lyder som en meget hyggeligt uddannelse, men det er så nedern når man fra starten vælger at blive syg :C godt at du i det mindste har noget top-klasse disney-underholdning <3