onsdag den 31. juli 2013

Cultural Summer

 I've been doing a lot of cultural things these past months. 
Stine and I headed for a nice summer evening out with the Royal Theatre. Every 3 years they do live performances outside and this year it was time for Robin Hood to showcase his story.

 It was so lovely to eat in the forest beforehand and it is just such a different experience that you can't really help enjoying it - sitting with blankets in a forest surrounded by actors and horses.

I went to see Beyoncé when she visited Denmark a few months ago. We got to stand very close to the stage and it was such a happy experience. 
SO.MUCH.GLITTER. The glitter shower lasted about 5 minutes.

The concert was held inside and it was unbearably hot so all that glitter just stuck to your skin like glue, haha. 

 Dressing up for Queen Bey!

Abena and I also went to see the Aladdin musical while it is performed in the Royal Opera House here in Copenhagen. We had super lovely seats for it and it was a great excuse for spending time with her and her sweet family.

 Olafur Eliasson's gorgeous lamps can make any day a happier one!

And while my parents went to Barcelona I decided to head to a Robbie Williams concert. It was a very last-minute decision and I bought the tickets second-hand a few hours before. I ended up going alone which at first I was anxious about but it proved to be a completely ballistic concert and I had a fantastic time on my own - it's good to try that once in a while as well.

Olly Murs was the warm-up and since I already have tickets for his concert in October I was one of the only people there who knew all the songs he played. But he really got the audience dancing with some disco hit songs and by the end people were talking about looking into his music very seriously.
 In the wait between Olly and Robbie they played Daft Punk songs twice - yessss.

Water all over the audience, fire, air balloons (so close to the 4 elements, hah!), absolutely majestic Robbie heads and massive confetti.

Yup, pretty neat.

And after half the concert was over the background turned out to be a gigantic plasma screen! Very surprising!

Those confetti strings were literally around 100 meters long each. Insane!!
Itsy bitsy bee <3 a="" before="" br="" few="" had="" it="" letting="" out.="" photos="" snap="" to="">

My parents came home from Barcelona with a darling new dress for me ! W00p w00p!

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