torsdag den 7. februar 2013

Hunting a new camera

The days go by and I hang with friends, having lovely times. Rie is back from her African goodwill experience, wee!

 I went to eat brunch with the lovely girl Stine some days ago. I can't believe I've reached an age where I have pregnant friends!

I saw The Hunt a week ago. Boy, that was something. There was this horrified silence in the theatre. I don't care if you're not Danish, this is a must-watch film.

In other, more happy, news!: I purchased a new camera! I have been wanting the filming feature of the newer models for some time now (for when I travel and for experimenting with a new format) and the time was now. So I got the 650D - it's got a flip-out screen that makes me so damn happy, since I can turn the screen towards the inside when I don't use it - that way I can protect it from scratches. Also, the touch feature is quiet cool.

The green is almost out of my hair now! "Washes out after 6-12 washings"... right. More like 6 months.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er dit hår blevet langt Livsen! Jeg glæder mig til at se hvilken ballade du kan komme ud på nu hvor du har fået film muligheden på dit kamera ;D

  2. Tillykke med dit nye kamera :D sådan noget er bare lækkert.

    Agree with Sa-chan: du har syyyygt langt hår! <3