onsdag den 30. januar 2013

Brushing Indian fashion

It'd been too damn long since I'd worn my dungarees! I love them so.

I went to the ARKEN museum of modern art with my parents some weeks back. They had this exhibition called "INDIA: ART NOW" with a selection of different installations. There was this video one, where items attached themselves to you until everything + the ground was covered. And that room with the fake pinball machines and horrible game soundtrack-ish music playing. That was quiet surreal.

The place was almost empty because we went in the evening on a weekday.

Gigantic heads!

Indian fashion designer.

Also! I'd been looking around for a brush set because to buy them on their own just adds up to a ridiculous amount of money. And then I found this one in Sephora - and it was 50 % off in the January SALE! So super cheap and I am really glad it has a stand, haha. So much more practical that way!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice med Sephora børsterne! Jeg har hørt deres børster er rigtig lækre sådan generelt! :) <3!

  2. That looks like such a beautiful and interesting exhibition!
    And yay for sale ♥