onsdag den 23. september 2015

The Earth is a polkadot

Hanging out w/ Izzie and her Cali buds. Felt pretty glam with my hair in that 2nd pic.

A kingdom of sale items... and it looks like I'm the queen!
In the before-mentioned ARKEN trip my glasses broke... They're taped together for now and I've been getting great support from my friends and their spell-work but new pairs have been ordered.

Brrr, getting to addicted to the warm baths...

Attempting to balance the universe. A trip to Louisiana might help? After all, Earth is just a polkadot...

Dressed for the occasion. Japanese people at the museum called me cute. That always makes my day hahaha - they are just so blunt.


High Priestess of Polkadots.

Love her use of colour.

Escaping the yellow fever.

These little boxes were so delicate and I really liked their appearance. Again the use of colour is just brilliant.

Louisiana has this one room where the guests are encouraged to follow in Kusama's footsteps and use dots. People were really enthusiastic about it!

The red room was so gorgeous. And a hidden Mickey suddenly appeared?

After napping - culture can be so draining, at least on opening weekend haha? - I went to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. with Rikke! I am always delighted by Guy Richie's films and this was no exception. Loved the camera work and the characters were flawed in all the right ways. We decided that a White Russian will henceforth be called an Illya.

søndag den 20. september 2015

Cultural Nerdiness


Force Friday came along and I went to our midnight opening in a 3PO disneybound. It was kind of fun and I really started to feel the hype...

We even covered the windows while setting up the new products!

I can totes fit the children's jackets... and Julian managed to actually win the BB8!

On actual Force Friday (day) I went straight after uni and into the Jedi Master cloak and Leia hair. All my conversations that shift was about Star Wars aaaaaaah.

I snagged these babies up before they were sold out (it took 7 hours) since I have no idea if they'll be restocked and they look super cool and shiny.

Rasmus bought BB and he is so much fun to play with.

Then Emil begged me to join me for this years Villains and Heroes party and I donned my actually retired Jessie once more...

It was such a fun party. As always I was real happy to have brought a change of clothes though, since it's weird when the normal clubbers arrive...

I've been cultural. I took US girls with me to see ARKEN's outdoors exhibit "art in sunchine" a few week ago. The weather was perfect and the girls were so happy to be in the countryside for the first time.
My favourite piece was the water swing which we after trial and error thought was meant to be impossible to get on. But we found that it was possible for a taller male and he then helped us get on as well!

It was such a good experience and a lovely way to kiss the Danish summer bye-bye. 
Plus I had pears from the garden to return to weee.

Still with that sun-kissed nose and after-lake hair.

Rain, thunder and cold returning. But I had this lovely hour next to Christiansborg in-between two rainstorms.

So since the weather has decided it no longer wants to play with us outside, I've been keeping indoors with my girls. The pancake was made with Pernille the same day I made an Instagram! It's not called Liv-is-alive because someone flipping stole my online name sheeesh... So it's https://instagram.com/liv_is_alive/